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Issue #144
novembre 2021

Founded in Culture: Strategies to Promote Early Learning among First Nations Children in Ontario

Source: Best Start

Summary: The purpose of this First Nations early learning report is to:

  • review early learning policy and research that has been done with First Nations children (from birth to age 6) living in Ontario; and
  • identify strategies to support early learning for service providers who work with First Nations parents/caregivers.

The review involved a scan of relevant literature and interviews with key informants. Early learning is important because it forms the foundation for lifelong learning. Taking part in early learning programs has been shown to positively influence school success.

Voies vers la réconciliation

Source: Société géographique royale du Canada (SGRC)

À l’intention des étudiants au secondaire

Résumé: Projet de la Société géographique royale du Canada (SGRC) et financé par le ministère du Patrimoine du gouvernement du Canada, Voies vers la réconciliation est un programme d’apprentissage qui comprend un site Web et une série de ressources éducatives élaborées à partir de témoignages directs de survivants de pensionnats.

Help build manufacturing skills and entrepreneurship through indigenous education

Summary: While Indigenous peoples account for about five per cent of our national population, Indigenous children under the age of 14 represent seven per cent of all children in the country. Youth represent nearly half of Canada’s Indigenous population.

When Paul Martin quit national politics he didn’t step away from the national policy scene or his interest in Indigenous education. The former prime minister founded the Martin Family Initiative (MFI); a charity that works with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Nation Peoples to improve education, health, and well-being outcomes for Indigenous children, youth, and adults.

MFI aims to support Indigenous students as they learn how to create successful careers. Its Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program introduces Indigenous high school students to business opportunities in the Canadian economy. It teaches students how to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit, improve their financial literacy and communication skills, and gives them an opportunity to explore a variety of post-secondary options.

Over 5,000 students have completed the program since its inception 11 years ago. Today, the course is being taught at 50 high schools on and off reserve. It is in such high demand that in 2019, MFI, acting on a request from the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs, launched an Indigenous Entrepreneur Course for adults, based on its high school program.

The Unforgotten

Source: Created by BUILD. Films and Networked Health, with funding and support from the Canadian Medical Association.

Focus: Teachers, Health Care workers

Summary: Sharing experiences of Inuit, Métis and First Nations peoples at various stages of life, this film was created to raise awareness, incite reflection and spark conversations about how to make meaningful change happen in health care [and education].

The Unforgotten is a five-part anthology. While the film is meant to be watched as a whole, each story can also be watched individually.

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