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“The Three Sisters” and “The Birch Bark Canoe”

Source: Indigenous Ideas for the 21st Century Classroom

Focus: Secondary students

Summary: The Three Sisters

Rooted in story, this twenty minute video takes us to the beginnings of agriculture and illuminates the connection of all living things.  The accompanying book shows how a range of educators imagined using The Three Sisters in their classrooms. From Northern Manitoba, to downtown Winnipeg; from senior year’s mathematics, to an early years inquiry project; from a garden in the middle of a school to a garden in the middle of a parking lot, the responses were extraordinary.

Birch Bark Canoe

This resource package provides teachers with a video and accompanying curricular connections. It was designed to support Manitoba classrooms in honoring the contributions of First Nations and Métis peoples and to educate future generations about the art and science of the birch bark canoe.

Indigenous Student’s Perception of Multimedia Learning as an Approach for Enhancing Reading Comprehension Skills

Source: Open Journal of Science and Technology

Focus: Teachers and senior students

Summary: Reading  comprehension  is  one  of  the  language  skills  needed  in  processing  the  language, especially  in  comprehending  information.  Despite  its  importance,  many  of  the  students  failed  to perform comprehension  skills  well.  Some  of  the  reason  was  their  lack  of  language  proficiency  and divergent approaches used by the teachers. Technology has been in favor of teachers and students in teaching  practices  such  as  multimedia  learning  because  it  has  proven  to  help  them  in  learning  the language. Thus, this study aimed to find out indigenous students’ perception of multimedia learning as an approach to enhancing their reading comprehension skills.  Besides, the alluring features of multimedia learning have ignited the need to explore its potential in helping indigenous students learn comprehension skills better. This study relied heavily on the questionnaire to obtain comprehensive data from the students’ perspective. The surveys employed four sections that covered attention, motivation, relevance, and satisfaction.  The findings showed the students agreed that multimedia learning is an excellent tool in enhancing their reading comprehension skills. Despite that, the students disagree with the use of audio in multimedia learning.

Turtle Lodge: International Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness

Source: Turtle Lodge International Centre

Focus: Students, teachers, community

Summary: The Turtle Lodge International Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness is a place for reconnecting to the Earth & sharing Indigenous ancestral knowledge, founded on the 7 Sacred Laws.

The Turtle Lodge offers Children, Youth, Adults and Elders the opportunity to come together in a sacred environment for: Traditional teachings, Ceremony, Healing, and the sharing of the perspectives of the Original Peoples of Turtle Island on how to have a good and peaceful life.

Aboriginal Artists in Canada

Source: Artists in Canada

Focus: Intermediate and senior art students

Summary: The heart of Canadian culture, Canadian aboriginal art is varied from the Haida of the west coast to the Inuit of the North. These Aboriginal artists work in traditional and contemporary art forms such as soapstone, woodcarving, mask making, weaving, leather work, and painting.

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