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Issue #1
December, 2009

Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC)

Focus: Teachers, Educators and Education Policymakers

Summary: In 2004, CMEC declared Aboriginal education to be a priority issue deserving targeted activity. This commitment was reaffirmed in Learn Canada 2020, the framework that the ministers are using to enhance Canada’s educational systems, in which Aboriginal education was identified as one of the specific activity areas.

In establishing Aboriginal education as a priority, ministers have acknowledged the need to find new and varied ways of working together and in partnership with Aboriginal leaders and communities and with the federal government to improve outcomes for Aboriginal students at all levels of education. The objective in Learn Canada 2020 presents the primary objective: eliminate the gap in academic achievement and graduation rates between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students by bringing together key stakeholders including ministers of education and Aboriginal affairs, national and regional organizations, and federal government representatives to discuss issues related to Aboriginal education. CMEC has two activities linked to Aboriginal education:

Integrated Resource Package 2008 – British Columbia Ministry of Education

Source: The First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) has developed curriculum pursuant to a jurisdictional agreement with the Province of British Columbia. This agreement represents a departure from past practice with respect to both the development of provincially prescribed curriculum and the provision of resource documentation to support for provincially prescribed curriculum. This distinctive development process is intended to ensure that teaching and learning with respect to First Peoples in British Columbia’s school system is based on authentic knowledge and understanding, as articulated by Elders, educators, and other content experts from within British Columbia’s First Nations and Métis communities decisions affecting teaching and learning with respect to First Peoples in British Columbia’s school system take appropriate account of the advice and opinion of community leaders from within the province’s First Nations and Métis communities.

Focus: Grade 12 English – First Peoples

Summary: English 12 First Peoples provides opportunities for all students to engage with indigenous creative expression to enter the worlds of First Peoples provincially, nationally, and internationally. The course focuses on the experiences, values, beliefs, and lived realities of First Peoples as evidenced in various forms of text, including oral story, speech, poetry, dramatic work, dance, song, film, and prose (fiction and non-fiction).

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